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Organic Cotton/Lycra Singlet


*Please email us with the print you're interested in to make sure of availability, and we'll add it to your colour and size.

This new style singlet, made from lycra cotton, organic need I say! The awesome thing about this blend of lycra is that the shirt alway keeps it shape. You can wear it and sleep in it and wear it again and again and it always looks great and doesn't stretch out at all! The prints are a "discharge" method that actually removes the colour of the top, like a bleach would, so that it actually is part of the material, not an uncomfortable plastic add on, that tends to peel off. There are 4 prints to choose, the from 2 Mugwort; Elk Moon Eclipse, and the Chrystal Wolf Pups. The others are R&E originals; The Electric Salmon and Pinecone, and Pinecone 4 directions. All prints are part of our "Esoteric Canadiana" series, which is looking for permaculture (as opposed to Pop Culture) from our locality (North West America), within our colourful tribe/community.